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MTL make fieldbus easy in safe and hazardous areasff_logo
The MTL range of fieldbus physical layer components makes it easy to complete any fieldbus installation between control system and field instruments. Fieldbus power supplies, fieldbus power conditioners and Megablock wiring connection hubs cover every application in safe and hazardous areas, providing the highest levels of availability, whilst maintaining a common architecture that is independent of the Zone or Division of use.

Products in Fieldbus

Fieldbus Power Supplies

Redundant, non-redundant and hazardous area fieldbus power supplies, all with isolation between bulk input andů

Fieldbus Wiring Components

Megablock wiring hubs, fieldbus barriers, terminators, junction boxes, spur connectors, etc. Essentials for segment wiring.

Fieldbus Diagnostics and Devices

Fieldbus devices, including displays and diagnostic module.

Fieldbus Test Equipment and Software Tools

Fieldbus test instruments, diagnostic monitors and application software for rapid installation and problem solving.

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