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Surge Protection

MTL Surge Technologies designs and manufactures a vast range of protection solutions for all your system surge protection requirements.

MTL Surge Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of surge protection devices offering solutions for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems.

Combination Surge Protection Products

    ProShield Series

Data and Signal Surge Protection

IOP Series SLP Series HW48 TP24/7 Series TP-Pipe Series

       IOP Series                   SLP Series                    HW48                   TP24/7 Series             TP-Pipe Series

   ZoneBarrier Series-DS      TP48 Series     mSA Series      SD Series
 ZoneBarrier Series-DS           TP48 Series                       mSA Series                     SD Series        

Fieldbus Surge Protection

FS32 MA4000 Series TP32 & TP32-T FP32 MA15 Series

           FS32            MA4000 Series       TP32 & TP32-T             FP32             MA15 Series

 Network and Comms Surge Protection

product image

ZoneBarrier Series-NC

Power Surge Protection

ZoneMaster MA05/10 Series MA15 Series MA30 Series MA3100 Series

     ZoneMaster             MA05/10              MA15 Series             MA30              MA3100

ZoneDefender PRO Series ZoneDefender˛ Series ZoneSentinel Series MA3350 Series MA3350 Series

ZoneDefender PRO       ZoneDefender˛               ZoneSentinel               MA3350AC                MA3350DC


Products in Specialist Surge Protection Products

        Weighing System protection - LC30                                   Antenna Protection - CA Series                                     RF protection

Weighing System protection           Antenna Protection - CA Series                      RF protection

Products in Telecoms Surge Protection

    ZoneBarrier Series-T      mSA Series - T      TS Series      DP200 BT & RJ Series

  ZoneBarrier Series-T     mSA Series - T                TS Series        DP200 BT & RJ Series


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