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DC/DC Converters for DIN Rail Mounting

The DC/DC converters from SITOP supply 24 V output voltage at rated output currents from 0.375 to 10A. The industry-standard DIN rail-mounted devices are connected, for example, to battery-buffered power supply networks for safety-relevant applications. These include applications in industry, power plants, water treatment plants and vehicle onboard.To supply an uninterruptible 24 V DC input voltage SITOP offers DC-UPS systems with maintenance-free, lead-gel batteries or long-life capacitors for energy storage.
The smallest DC/DC converter from SITOP

The smallest DC/DC converters from SITOP

The compact DC/DC converters 24 V DC/ 0.375 A is just 22.5 mm in width and ideal for powering 24 V low-voltage switching devices. You can use inexpensive time and monitoring relays instead of expensive special voltage models. The extremely lightweight, DIN rail device can be operated in direct-voltage systems from 30 to 264 V at temperatures from -25 to +70 C.

DC/DC converter 24 V/2 A

DC/DC converters 24 V/2 A

With an input range from 16.8 V to 138 V DC for supply 24 DC from battery and DC systems.

The outdoor version

The outdoor version

The 2 A devices in design S7-300 can easily handle temperatures between -25 C and +70 C as well as higher vibration and shock loads. The input voltage range is 16.8 to 138 V DC.

Power supply units with universal connection

Power supply units with universal connection

The 24 V power supplies with 2.5 A,  4 A and 10 A output current can be connected to direct-voltage systems with 120 to 230 V DC, but can also be connected to single-phase systems with 93 to 64 V AC.

The new compact single-phase SITOP PSU100M power supply unit with 20 A rated output current from the SITOP modular product range can also be operated at 88 to 350 V DC.

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