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The new SITOP smart power supply is now available!


One third smaller, but with even more power - the new SITOP smart is one of the narrowest DIN rail-mounted power supply units on the market that exhibits an impressive overload behaviour. Even large loads can be switched on without any problems. With nominal outputs rated at 120 percent continuous, SITOP smart is positioned as the most reliable power supply of its class. Numerous certifications simplify its universal and worldwide use, as well as its deployment under hazardous conditions.  

SITOP smart - makes your plant run and run and run....

The new SITOP smart family of power supplies is a third slimmer than its predecessor generation which makes it one of the slimmest DIN rail power supplies on the market now. Its improved overload reaction now even permits energy hungry I/O devices like DC/DC converters and motors to power up without a problem. Up to 150 percent of the rated current is available for 5 seconds. And they also provide more continuous power, up to 120 percent of the rated capacity at ambient temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius. Using a potentiometer, the output voltage can be conveniently adjusted on the front between 22.8 and 28 Volts.

The single phase, primary pulsed power supplies with output currents of 2.5A, 5A and 10A have extensive certification for universal use around the world. In addition to certifications for the North American market which is standard for SITOP, they offer GL (Germanische Lloyd) for use in shipbuilding and meet the ATEX guidelines (Atmosphere Explosible) for applications in hazardous areas.

Expansion with perfectly coordinated SITOP add on modules provides additional flexibility. For example, SITOP smart can quite easily be upgraded into an uninterruptible power supply by adding a SITOP DC-UPS module and a battery. The SITOP redundancy module and a second power supply of the same type enable redundant operation. In combination with the SITOP select diagnostic module, individual 24 VDC load circuits can be reliably protected. SITOP smart thus becomes the ideal 24 VDC power supply solution - providing excellent protection for a wide range of applications.

Features at a glance

  • Robust plastic housing with small module width
  • High efficiency up to 91% and therefore low heat dissipation
  • Adjustable output voltage between 22V and 28V for compensating voltage drops on long lines, accessible from the front
  • Power reserve 120% up to 45C ambient
  • At short-circuit approx. triple current for selective triggering of downstream circuit breakers
  • Overload capacity of 150% rated current for 5 seconds
  • 5A and 10A models with input current harmonics limitation
  • UL,CSA, ATEX and GL approval

Customer benefits:

  • Space saving due to compact design
  • Universally applicable
  • Easier project planning through calculable power reserve and overload capacity


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