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Casuarina Services Pte Ltd is a company that provides service to the control process environment of  water, oil, chemicals, food and beverages industries so that the systems in the plant could work effectively and efficiently.

We provide the following solution as below:

1. Programming, Upgrading and interfacing of RTU and DCS controller to different Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)  System like:
Iconics, Wonderware, Intellution, Proface, Cimplicity

2. Data interfacing across different controllers brand like Allen Bradley, Omron, Sixnet, Mitsubishi, GE, and Siemens via open system like:
Modbus, Profibus, LON, Foundation fieldbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Canbus etc

3. Customization of gateway so as to ensure single industrial data highway:
We could customized our gateway to interface with different controllers so as to collect data from different systems.

4. Plant data analysis and reporting systems:
With single data highway, we are able to collect information and provides you with plant data analysis and reporting systems.

We believed in working closely with our customers and partners so that we are able to build a long term working relationship.


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