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the most frequently used intelligent positioner for linear and rotary valves, double and single-acting actuators

The SIPART PS2 is the absolute number one amongst electro-pneumatic position controllers. Our experience from many years of field operations speaks for itself and means security for your application in the future.

Simple operation is guaranteed, either on-site with push buttons and display or with an optional additional communication program SIMATIC PDM via HART interface or by PROFIBUS PA protocol.

The automatic commissioning saves a great deal of time.

Numerous new diagnostic functionsand the Partial Stroke Test have been implemented in SIPART PS2 which provide information about the status and the previous operating conditions both of the device and the fitting.

Thanks to SIL2 certification, SIPART PS2 offers even more safety for your process

Mounting bracket: NAMUR
1. Connector to DIN IEC 534-6 linear actuators Ordering no. 6DR4004-8V supplied from LZN
2. Connector to VDI/VDE 3845 or DIN 3337 part-turn valve actuators also for Norbro, Keystone etc. Ordering no. 6DR4004-8D supplied from LZN. This part converts the universal PS2 shaft to a NAMUR drive. A bracket is also required.

Special mounting kits
More information about special mounting kits under request


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