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Data Download HFS2TSE_200405311701.pdf
Paddle Type Flow Switch
●Low cost flow switch
●Protects motors, pumps and other equipment against low flow and no flow.
●Controls sequential operation of pumps, etc.
●Automatically starts auxiliary pumps and engines or actuates alarm and signal systems.
●Stops water cooled engines, machines and process when coolant flow is interrupted.
Mounting Method : Screw
Mounting Size : 1
Wroking Press. : STD. 10kgf/cm²
Process Temp. : 80 degree C
Enclosure : Weather Proof
Conduit Conn. Size : 3/4
Wet Part Material : SUS 304
Ambient Temp : -20 ~ +60 degree C
Output form : 1/SPDT
Contact rating : AC 250V 15A, DC 125V 0.5A
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