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Microwave Flow Switch
● High performance in flow and plugged detection for dry powder
● Hardly influenced by adhesion or dust because of high permeablity microwave system
● Self-diagnosis fuction automatically detecting decrease of sensitivity
● Digital circuit system prevent set value from drifting
● Withstanding pressure ability up to 0.5MPa internal-pressure in pipe
Mounting Method : Screw
Mounting Size : G1
Measuring Length : Max. 1.5m
Wroking Press. : 1.2kg
Process Temp. : -10~+55 degree C
Power Source : AC 90~230 50/60Hz
Output Signal : 1C Relay(AC 250V 3A)
Wet Papt Material : SUS 304
Enclosure : IP 65
Conduit Conn. Size : 8 ~ 12
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