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Thermal Mass Switch
●316SS sensor standard;Hastelloy C-276 & others optional
●Explosion proof housing
(FM, CSA and CENELEC approvals pending)
●3000 psig(207 barg) pressure rating
●DPDT 5 amp relay
●Very low flow sensitivity
●Same unit works on liquid or gas-reduced spares
●Chemical additive verification
●Coolant and lubricant seal leakage
●Lube oil detection
●Seal water flow
●Analyzer flow detection
●Pump protection
●Gas injection monitoring
●Low flow detection
●Liquid level/interface detec
Repeatability: ±1% of reading repeatability
Temperature : Process fluid;-40 to 149 degree C
Pressure rating. : 3000 psig at 70 degree C F
Input Power : 24VDC ±10%,0.5 amp
Response time : 2 to 20 seconds
Constant power: the right technology for flow
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